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Odd Places and Peculiar People – The Preacher, the Protester, and the President

Leighton tells the story of the time he met an interesting person at the University of Tennessee.

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  • James Muecke says:

    Dr. Ford,

    During the Billy Graham crusade in Knoxville, as I remember, the director for Campus Crusade at UT called me and said there was a person who wanted to go into the community near the campus and present the gospel in a one-on-one situation. Since this gentleman did not know the area, I was asked if I would be willing to take him. I was glad to do so, and that person I took turned out to be you.

    I had just turned twenty-one and you were still a young man yourself. We went to an old house where hippies would gather. As I remember it, we both greatly enjoyed the evening and each other’s company, as we presented Jesus to the hippies as they came and went. I believe we especially enjoyed seeing the Lord working in and through our lives that evening.

    James Muecke (pronounced “Mickey”)

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