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Are you a pastor or ministry leader looking for a life-changing relationship?

At Leighton Ford Ministries, mentoring is built on long-term relationships.  Mentoring happens in community. Mentoring communities do life together with a senior mentor and a community of peers. Our mentoring communities include experienced pastors and ministry leaders committed to encouraging the next generation of emerging leaders as they journey through life and ministry.

Is this the right opportunity for you?

Leighton Ford Ministries is not a leadership training cohort or continuing education program. Instead, we are friends … who listen deeply, pray with open hearts, and who may point out what God is doing and help discern God’s agenda.  Our mentoring communities … cohorts of several emerging leaders who meet regularly with a senior mentor. A senior mentor is simply someone a little further down the trail, not an expert, not an advice giver but a fellow journeyer.  Some of our mentoring communities have journeyed together for thirty years.

Are you hungry for safe times, safe places, and safe friends?  Are you ready for some trusted friends on this journey?

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