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Ministry is a holy but often lonely calling.  From celebrations to questions to difficult days, who pastors the pastor?

The answer might be … you!

Leighton Ford Ministries is a catalyst for mentoring healthy leaders who sustain thriving ministries for the sake of the Gospel.  We are not a “counseling service” or “retreat center” or “twelve-step plan.”  We are friends on the journey … friends who are perhaps a bit further down the road … who come alongside younger pastors and ministry leaders as they journey through life and ministry.

We follow the model of Jesus, who mentored the Twelve by doing life together – “his own who were in the world” (John 13:1) – using mentoring communities to create safe times, safe places, and safe friends to help strengthen leaders over the long haul.

Are you an experienced pastor or ministry leader?  Are you ready to come alongside younger leaders … not so much “master and pupil” but “friend on the journey”?  Please share with us a little more information and we’ll contact you to explore getting started on this incredible journey.

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Are you ready to explore how you can practice mentoring within your church or circle of influence? Learn from Leighton Ford as he shares insights and practices on the spiritual mentoring of leaders.

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