Why a campaign?

  • An opportunity for God’s people to come together to invest in a shared vision.
  • A campaign creates a time of spiritual growth and faith building that builds better relationships and encourages the heart and spirit of your church.
  • Allows a church to invest in the future through a careful process usually raises between 1 and 3 times the church’s current annual receipts.

What is Unique about a campaign with LFM?

There are many excellent capital campaign firms, but we are unique.

  • We are unique in that we only work with organizations that we have built a relationship with through visioning, strategic planning or governance work.
  • Since we have already worked with your staff and leaders, a campaign with LFM provides consistency and trust to meet your goals.
  • We do not provide a campaign in a box, we custom build every campaign with your needs in mind. Then we mobilize your church to own the process and success.

There are three phases to our process: Connect, Discover, Transform!

Connect Phase 6-12 weeks, Consultant Onsite 4-6 days

  • Case statement developed
  • Feasibility Study of Case Statement
  • Gift profile development
  • Campaign coordinator hired or recruited.
  • Leadership recruited
  • Communication process begins: Title/Logo/Print

Discover Phase 12-18 weeks, Consultant Onsite 3-4 days

  • Leadership Training
  • Recruiting for teams
  • Prayer Plan
  • Team Plans
  • Events Planned
  • Communication finalized: Title/Logo/Print

Transform Phase 24-36 weeks, Consultant Onsite 2-4 days

Part A

  • Prayer Events
  • Team Encouragement
  • Pastoral Encouragement (Coaching, sermon prep, casting vision)
  • Red Zone Emphasis
  • Commitment Events
  • Marketing pieces hit

Part B

  • Preaching Series
  • Forty Day “Generous Giving”
  • Red Zone Commitments
  • Prayer Events Continue
  • Celebration Event

Part C

  • Thank you notes
  • System Set Up to follow up
  • Preaching Matrix
  • Red Zone Stories
  • Assimilation new members
  • Communication Plan