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Sunset at the Bellfry

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I have seen many sunsets
across my years
each radiant in its moment
and original style as with this sunset
in the Virginia hills
made special by its time
in space and flowing colors
but also who was with me
on the hilltop and who came to mind
as the sky dimmed and
I made my way
ever so carefully
downward through
the bent grass path toward night

Leighton Ford
At the Bellfry, Virginia
May 2019

At Windy Ridge

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I am at Windy Ridge an old house in the Virginia Hills for an overnight retreat with four guys and quite a few cows. it’s very quiet. One car passed by since we arrived yesterday. Otherwise quiet. We’re here to listen to one another and the Lord.

Linville River (Leighton Ford)

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“The grace of a river is a reminder of how nature seeks elegance and  achieves immense beauty of  cohesion and balance … If only our lives could achieve, or indeed allow, such grace and elegance … our pilgrimage through this world would flow  in  beauty through the most ragged and forsaken  heartlands of confusion and dishevelment.”

-John O’Donohue