Leighton has a separate and personal avocation as an artist. From time to time people ask if prints are available. Prints of most of his paintings may be secured by contacting our print provider, Wildflower Fine Art Editions.

You may call or email Mike at Wildflower Fine Art Editions directly to place your order. Be sure to note the name of the piece you would like.

No copies of the paintings may be made without first requesting permission by emailing us at info@leightonfordministries.org.

Order prints by phone
Order by email

Dunkeld House on the River Tay

English Bay at Sunset

Evening Sky from Sharon School

Far Hills from Rivendell

Glen Burnie Fall at the Falls

Glen Eyrie in the Garden of the Gods One

Glen Eyrie in the Garden of the Gods, Two

Grandfather from Foscoe

Grandfather from Linville

The Hermitage at the Bellfry

Ice Fields in Alberta

Inside St. Giles

Irish Cottage

Keswick Hotel in the Lake Country of England

Late Afternoon on Oyster Bay

A Lazy Afternoon on Moses Cone

Lena the Leaning Tree

Light on a Mountain Morning

Lighthouse on the Way to Mull

The Little Chapel at Winthrop University

Live Oak at Mepkin Abbey