Every leader in ministry needs a trusted advisor. Every leader. Not just some. Our Executive Leadership Coaching Process is built upon these principles:

Our unshakeable belief in the ability of each individual to solve their most difficult challenges

  • Our ability to ask key questions that facilitate leaders finding optimal solutions for their ministry environment
  • Our foundational belief that people already have what they need in what God has given them – our job is to help unleash those resources.
  • We believe that leadership involves the stewardship of potential not just resources and we partner with you to uncover your ministry’s potential
  • Our systemic approach enables us to uncover the often overlooked and complex dynamics that hinder ministries from achieving their mission
  • Every leader is unique so our work with leaders must be unique and individualized to their unique wiring and situation
  • We provide relationship scaffolds that enable leaders to harness their anxiety to create forward progress
  • We never stay longer than we are needed and we define success for our team as “no longer being needed”


LFM’s coaching philosophy encompasses a unique approach in relation to the individual and the organization. Individually, LFM coaches apply a strength-based method that assesses individuals according to their unique talent mix. We are fearfully and wonderfully made! We welcome and use a variety of instruments to help each leader discover their strengths, how to leverage them, how to complement them, and when not to use them.


Simply discovering your strengths is not enough. You have to use them as tools for Kingdom-focused transformation.

What clearly sets LFM coaching apart is the reliance on identifying what makes each leader unique. Clear self-definition is critical for both the coach and the leader — I have a story I have always known, and now live, but it’s up to me to examine it; Emphasizing and leveraging my unique talent mix, and make necessary changes where necessary.

An individual’s core talents are those recurring patterns of thought, feeling and behavior that are determined by the basic ‘hard-wiring’ of the brain. The LFM coaching process provides a disciplined approach to identifying and understanding an individual’s core talents and how those innate competencies affect daily decisions, career choices, learning preferences and motivations, as well as how they drive personal and professional relationships.