You will take a journey of self-discovery, relational engagement, and healthy organizational dynamics. You will learn the skills and tools of practical, yet transformational leadership, so that you are equipped to face real-time issues, challenges and opportunities. Whether you are an emerging church leader, interested in workplace ministry, or believe there’s a better way, the Belhaven MML is designed to meet your needs.

Discover…Your contribution. Your difference. Navigate conflict. Grow. Tangible and practical leadership skills. Systems thinking approach. Build effective teams. Fine-tune decision making. Craft a healthy organizational culture. Drive accountability. Leadership presence. Become a well-defined leader. Learn how to lead out of who you are.


Once you discover your contribution and realize the impact of your difference, you forge meaning and begin to live your purpose. That allows you to create identity for the organization you lead within, which, manifests in transformational change, applicable to your ministry work right now. You will be equipped to face any leadership challenge, fueled by your core purpose. You will learn how to address broad challenges and issues of message, marketing-communications, and corporate culture to the vital details of funding, management, board relations, and many other trending topics.

This degree will open doors and provide breakthroughs that have been a source of consternation and frustration. The MML equips leaders of churches, parachurches, and a variety of organizations seeking to lead differently!