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Is It Success If …

August 12, 2015

If I get Glory but God doesn’t
Success is to Magnify the Lord

If I do God’s work but not in His way?
Success is doing God’s work in God’s way

If I preach the gospel but don’t live it
Success is being, not just doing

If I have no one to share it with
Success is having people to share it with

If I can see only my success and have no interest in others
Success is when I can be as excited about your success (or disappointed at your failure) as my own

If I am so identified with my “work” or “ministry” that I have no other interests
Success is both in intensity and in wholeness

If I make it hard for those who come after
Success is measured by long term integrity, not immediate reputation
If I hurt the reputation of the Lord
Success is “making the teaching about God our Savior attractive”

If I don’t prepare others to carry on
Success is building men, not movements or monuments

If I do not know how to step aside gracefully
Success is sometimes in winning, and sometimes in cheering

If I dissipate the success
Success is not just getting up to speed, but maintaining momentum

If I start well but don’t finish well
Success is in burning on

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