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It is a Thing Most Wonderful

June 12, 2014

We heard this sung at our church last Sunday … and it is so fitting for Good Friday



It is a thing most wonderful, almost too wonderful to be

That God’s own Son should come from Heaven

And die to save a child like me.

And yet I know that it is true: He chose a poor and humble lot,

And wept and mourned and toiled and died,

For love of those who loved him not.

I sometimes think about the cross, and shut my eyes and try to see

The cruel nails and crown of thorns, and Jesus crucified for me.

But even could I see him die, I could but see a little part

Of that great love which like a fire, is always burning in his heart.

And yet I want to love Thee, Lord: O light the flame within my heart,

That I may love Thee more and more, until I see thee as thou art.

Philip Moore


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