The Transforming Church process is built on relationships.
At the beginning of the process, LFM will engage with your leadership team and/or pastor in a free one hour consultation. We will gain clarity on your ministry and context and then recommend a path forward.

In the Connect Process, we will also provide a Leadership Coach for your pastors and/or leaders. This typically includes monthly check-ins where we provide a disciplined approach to identifying and understanding an individual’s core talents and how those innate competencies affect daily decisions, career choices, learning preferences and motivations, as well as how they drive personal and professional relationships.



We help churches see what they have not been able to see.
Discovery is a step that many organizations overlook, yet it is mission-critical. Bad

assumptions lead to bad solutions. So, yesterday’s solutions often become today’s problems. What differentiates the LFM Transforming Church process from any other process is this: We don’t take information presented at face value. If everyone understood the nature and causes of their challenges, they wouldn’t need outside help. That is why we always look for the real issue – what we’ve called “the thing in the bushes”. Once we’ve discovered what is really blocking your ministry’s mission, this becomes a strategic inflection point allowing the entire ministry to move forward in one direction.

The LFM Discovery Process includes:

  • The TCI (congregational survey).
  • Onsite focus groups, interviews and ministry observation.
  • A demographic study of your local community.
  • Review of supporting structures, budgets, org charts, governance, and programming.
  • Assessment of key leadership, based on the Clifton StrengthsFinder.
  • Optional Congregational Debrief.
  • Discovery Report (including executive summary, recommended path forward, and detailed analysis).



We unleash your ministry’s creative energy to realize new possibilities.

We were created in God’s image. To that end, people are created with an innate desire to belong, to contribute, and to make a difference. Most new churches or ministries do a great job of tapping into that longing. But over time, we lose our focus. We become misaligned.

  • Public Identity
  • True North
  • Alignment
  • Internal Culture
  • Support Structures

Maybe it was a bad decision in the past. Maybe your context has changed. Maybe the status quo has killed the vision. LFM’s goal is to help transform your church (or ministry) by creating alignment. Or maybe re-alignment. It starts by clarifying your True North. Everything else should align with your True North.

What is True North? True North consists of extremely clear core values – who are we and what matters most? True North is built on a laser sharp mission – what do we do and what do we not do? True North clarifies strategy – where will we bet the farm in this season?

Support structures such as staffing, technologies, buildings, facilities, committees, and budgeting should be driven by your True North.

Internal culture – the actions, behaviors and practices that make your ministry thrive should align with your True North.

Your Public Identity, or brand, should reflect your True North. Logos and taglines. Websites. Printed materials. Everything should clearly say “THIS IS US!”.

The Transformation Process is built on interactive retreats. Typically, we will conduct three retreats in the first year. The weekend retreats are educational, inspiring, interactive, and fun! In fact, the process itself is part of creating alignment. Simply setting aside time to have these important conversations is a game-changing strategy. The end result? You will have clarified your True North and created a road map for transformation.